29 03, 2010

Digital Signage, Kiosks Use New PoE Standard

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The  new Power-over-Ethernet standard IEEE 802.3at-2009, doubling the available power to 25W is interesting in that it greatly increases the number and type of in-premises applications that can be powered in this way. An Atom-powered processor board takes about 4W, which with the old system only left 9W max for a screen. Now that figure is [...]

22 02, 2010

Anyone for Embedded MSDN Subscription?

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There's now an MSDN subscription for users of Windows CE and Windows Embedded Standard. It's officially called "Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition with MSDN Embedded Subscription". It's an alternative way to acquire the required development tools (Platform Builder, Target Designer, etc), and a good deal for many users because you get absolutely everything. The toolkits [...]

18 02, 2010

Windows Embedded Standard 7

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That's the official name for the next version of Windows Embedded Standard. It's an all-new implementation of the componentized version of Windows for embedded use, which, as the name suggests, is based on Windows 7 rather than XPe as before. That means it doesn't necessarily replace WES 2009 in all applications, so as well as [...]

20 01, 2010

Does the world need another blog?

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Obviously the answer is yes. So, we've started a blog as a way to collect some of the technical themes than run through our day-to-day work which may be of interest to the wider world. Like that day-to-day work, recurring themes will be Windows Embedded, low-power solutions and the like. P.S. The best way to [...]