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26 01, 2018

Passenger Information System uses System on Module from Direct Insight

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Vix Technology is a leading global provider and integrator of smart access, booking, ticketing, payment and clearing systems. As part of their design specification and process they selected a System on Module (SoM) from our Triton-TX range which meets their industrial requirements and is qualified to run the […]

22 04, 2015

Windows Embedded CE 6, Compact 7 and 2013 still a viable choice

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I’ve recently been working on a number of customer Windows Embedded projects and as part of this I had the opportunity to visit the office of some old colleagues at the design services company Bytesnap.

While there I was interviewed about Windows Embedded CE 6 and how it’s still a viable choice for embedded designs. If you’d […]

1 06, 2012

Embedded PC or ARM-based board?

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ARM-based platforms are a foreign proposition to most users of embedded PC boards. But it’s clear that in terms of performance at least, ARM solutions are now comparable with x86. So what are the other key considerations which might lead an embedded PC user to cross the divide?

The above is the first paragraph of my […]

19 01, 2012

Why develop a smart, connected device with Windows CE / Compact 7?

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A lot of people contact us looking for basic information about Windows CE 6.0 and Compact 7, probably because we are a Windows Embedded Gold Partner – maybe we are more approachable than Microsoft? Or perhaps it’s because we don’t just do Microsoft. Anyway, if you’re thinking about Windows CE, but undecided, hopefully this post […]

7 09, 2011

Visual Studio 2005 with Windows Embedded CE6 R3 Device – .NET CF 2.0/3.5 compatibility problems

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Windows Embedded CE6 R3 supports both .NET CF 2.0 and 3.5. Great you think, but Visual Studio 2005 debugger only supports .NET CF 2.0. This can lead to some very ambiguous behavior when trying to debug .NET CF applications on a CE6 R3 device.

Picture the following scenario. You have a Windows CE6 R3 device which […]

21 01, 2011

Visual Studio 2005 deploy error after downloading a managed code application to a Windows CE6 R3 device

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After deploying a managed code application to a windows CE6 R3 device you get a deployment error something like:

Deploying ‘C:willVBProjectsCEAppbinDebugHelloWorld.exe’
Deploying ‘C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio’
Post-deploy error 0x00000001 returned after calling ‘Windowswceload.exe /noui’.
========== Build: 1

Visual Studio 2005 will attempt to download the .NET CF 2.0 cab file ( and automatically install  if the device does […]