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The Microsoft Embedded Compact 7 team have released the third update to Windows Embedded Compact 7 (previously named Windows CE).

You can get the update via WEDU in your Platform Builder or it can downloaded from here.

This update provides new tools, application updates and bug fixes for Windows Embedded Compact 7:

  • The Compact Test Kit (CTK) has two new tools: The Compact Automation Tool Solution (CATS) for automating test scenarios on Compact 7 devices and The Compact Stress Tool for automating stress tests on Compact 7 devices are included with this update.
  • Also included is new Silverlight for Windows Embedded (SWE) sample code for the Compact 7 Media Player. Previously provided only in binary format, the Media Player sample code is now included in source code and a previous dependency on the compositor in the sample code has been removed, improving performance across all hardware configurations.
  • Finally the update also includes cumulative bug fixes for the Windows Embedded Compact 7 operating system, Platform Builder tools and the Compact Test Kit.

The MSDN version of the release note can be found here.

A Documentation update has been released to MSDN to coincide with this release.

Hope you find this information useful and any feedback please let us know.

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