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i.MX6 module with mainline Linux and Yocto support

i.MX6 module with mainline Linux and Yocto support

The Linux kernel supporting the TRITON-TX pin-compatible range of system-on-modules is substantially mainline – i.e. being maintained to keep as close as possible to theĀ current Linux kernel version.

This has obvious advantages. But it has also resulted in the assumption that we don’t support Yocto for i.MX6. Not so!

A Yocto Project built rootfs can be used directly on the TRITON-TX6 but still using our supplied mainline kernel. We provide detailed support and instructions for this, including “how-to” guides on important build configurations, including support for the embedded version of Qt. If you don’t want the bloat of the Yocto rootfs, we also supply a tiny rootfs that fits into the 128MB NAND flash supplied in the non-eMMC module SKUs.

[Update] We have compiled a “how to” guide for using Yocto with TRITON-TX as an application note.

David Pashley

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