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OEMs producing Kiosk-like devices, and hesitating to embrace Windows Embedded Standard 7 because they are forced to use the top-spec WS7P version, are not helped by the announcement of a new “SKU” (Stock Keeping Unit) to accompany WS7P and WS7E.

Called WS7C, the latest SKU of Standard 7 has a mix of features aimed at the home media devices market, and does not help kiosk vendors. The three features desired and indeed recommended by Microsoft for kiosks vendors – touch, multi-language support, and AppLocker – are still restricted to WS7P.

You can see the facilities of the different SKUs, plus details of the compliance tool here.

By bringing the touch and gesture support of Windows 7,  and vital security features, Windows Embedded Standard 7 wins out substantially over earlier versions of Windows in the kiosk stakes, despite the higher licence price.

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